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Number of People Size Dimensions Price Shipping Weight *
2-3 People Small 72”l x 36”w x 42” h Call 1200 LBS.
3-4 People Medium 80”l x 44”w x 42” h Call 1350 LBS.
4-5 People Large' 88”l x 52”w x 42” h Call 1,500 LBS.


**Price is subject to change without notice**


*The customer is responsible for shipping costs. We will work with you by phone or email to determine the most convenient and cost-effective shipping method so that you will understand the shipping cost up front. Typical shipping time is approximately 6-8 weeks.


Need a Specialized Solution?

Please call for information and quotes about these additional options:


  • Different sizes. Sizes in between the stated dimensions are available in 8” increments with respect to width and length.
  • A steel top work surface.
  • Professional installation.